Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Gather Together...

to ask the Lord's blessing...

So sorry to anyone who has been wondering, where did I disappear to - sometimes I get in over my head and then I hide under the bed until I can face tomorrow - ever been there?!  I won't bore you with the details but, I seem to have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew, if you know what I mean...?!  Anyway, enough of that.  Let's turn our faces to the noon day sun and discuss the most pressing matter at hand - Thanksgiving!!!  One of my very favorite holidays.  Especially these days!  Somebody else does the cooking!  It just doesn't get any better than that!

Pictured above is a very simple and sweet "do it yourself" project that you and your family/friends can all have fun with.  It is a simple white tablecloth signed by everyone at the table. (Just be sure to use washable ink markers!)  I did it one year for my daughter and forgot to check the ink. They were not washable markers and my beautiful treasure was ruined when I washed it.  NO ONE wanted to get in my space for quite a while after that one!    

So, you have checked your markers and given each guest one to write with. They just write something they are thankful for, sign it and date it.  When dinner is over, wash and put the table cloth away 'til next year.  This is something you can repeat each year.  I wish I had done this when my children were little.  What an heirloom this will be if you do it over the years!  I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be happy to have one for themselves or for their kids!  Great memories and a truly beautiful reminder of God's blessings over the years!

Praying the blessing of the Lord on you and your family on this beautiful Thanksgiving.  May God be with you at your table...  

Note to God!  Thank you, Lord, for readers, bloggers, and creative hearts all over your beautiful world!

Note to Readers!  To find the exact directions (for those of you who like more details!) here's the link that will walk you through it all.  Have fun. You don't have to do much on this one!!!