Saturday, September 29, 2012

Delight Yourself in the Lord...

and He will give you the desires of your heart!"
Psalm 37:4

I am so much learning the truth of this scripture at this time in my life! How good is the Lord to not give up on me!  He is teaching me to dream dreams and delight in the wonder of life all around me! I love this crazy picture for the joy it depicts of a grown-up just playing in the paints! Plus, it doesn't hurt that this young man looks a whole lot like my oldest son, Don, an actor and very, very creative spirit. He makes me smile "all over my face"!

Anyway, since I started this blog I have been leaping over tall buildings and jumping off of skyscrapers, in terms of creative pursuits!  Seems like I am learning more from this little blog than anyone else may be!  I hope I may be encouraging all you would be painters, sketchers, musicians, poets, and dreamers, to go ahead with your artistic dreams - have fun. Don't listen too long to the nay-sayers.  They probably wish they had someone to encourage them to dream a little dream of what might be if they let themselves go in the direction of their heart...  That's where I always find the Lord.  Sitting on the porch on a sun filled morning waiting for me to come and join Him.  The birds are singing, the bees are sipping nectar from the roses, the baby is rocking in the porch swing. Joy is dripping from the rafters.  God has given me the "desires of my heart"!

Here are some sketches I did this week in a new art form I am learning called "Zentangles".  I highly recommend it to all of you!  It is free form sketching of doodles and patterns that are everywhere we look.  I cannot tell you how relaxing it is. You will have to try it for yourself...!

These are all pics from my sketch book.  I never had one before but it is so much fun!  Great idea for a place to give yourself permission to go and just write or draw or, like these pics show, just doodle or "zentangle"! You can find more information about Zentangle art on the web - just Google Zentangle.  Also, lots of books in the library.  Even kids (or maybe, especially kids!) can zentangle!

This is the first effort I made at doing a bird!  It's a little off in the chest, but, hey -
this is my first ever effort at a zentangle bird!
He's cute and quirky, don't you think?!

Close up showing some of the variation of "tangles" used throughout.
I also added the verse "His eye is on the sparrow
and I know He watches me."
A favorite verse from an old hymn I love!

This is the second bird I did and I think it's getting better!
Lots and lots of tangles in this one!

Close up.  Isn't he cute?!

I loved doing this, especially the tail!
I am nothing without swirls and dots!!

The End!!

Hope you enjoyed my little art show!  I loved sharing it with you almost as much as I loved doing the drawings!  Now, I hope you take your "inner child" out for a play date and have some fun drawing, or whatever the two of you love to do!  You and I were made for JOY!

P.S.  A huge thank you to my very special art teacher, Kathy Hughes, for teaching me to "Zentangle".  Kathy - you are a treasure!


  1. Wow...I love it!! I have never seen anything like it...Zentangle is really cool. I love the hearts in your sketch book...You should definatly do something more with that.
    I think I might actually try this.
    Keep your ideas coming, I love it!! It inspires me to try to stretch my wings and try something new!!!

  2. Thanks, Ter! Try it, I think you will really have fun with it! It is so free form - I am always on-board for things that are creative without a bunch of rules! I had never seen it before my art teacher told me about it! She is so full of ideas, it is amazing! I just soak it in! Have fun and go wild! :))

  3. I love your bird drawings, Maureen. I always have to play catch up on your blog because I don't have time to visit everyday. But, it's always a treat when I can devote a little time and peruse through your latest posts. I am going to do some Zentangle when I finish this comment. How fun it looks!

  4. Thanks, Shannon! I was away this weekend and have been tied up this past week so I haven't been able to maintain my blogs. So great to hear from you, Shannon! I hope you do try it - it's a lot of fun!! :)