Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sing Me a Song...

"But no one says, Where is God, my Maker
Who gives us songs in the night..."
Job: 35:10

I read somewhere that "Music is what feelings sound like."  I love that!  I love that Our Creator God has filled the world with the sounds of music all around us.  

He wakes us up in the morning with the playful love-song of the birds singing their praises to their Creator. He nudges us to go to bed each night with the song of the crickets chirping their message "time to go to bed - tomorrow's another day - time to go to bed...!" 

Stop and listen for the music of The Creator. He is singing over us all through our lives. He has put His music in the heart of the young mother, rocking her baby to sleep on her lap as she sings a gentle lullaby. Even the greatest opera star cannot outdo the beauty of that music sung by the simplest peasant woman over her child.

I hear His voice in the sound of children giggling and dancing on the playground as they run and skip and race toward life. I hear Him in the first "I love you's" spoken by one lover to another.  I hear Him in the music of the grandmother cradling her grandchild close to her breast as she sings him a nursery rhyme.  I hear Him in our breaking voices singing a plaintiff  song of hope to our God as we say goodbye to a loved one, one last time until heaven. 

He has created a symphony all around us, free for the taking.  Listen closely.  Do you hear what I hear?!  He is in the music of the wind whistling through the air.  The crash of the waves pounding against the shore.  The sound of the thunder as it splits the sky.  The sound of the snow flake falling to the ground on a bright winter day.  The sound of the trees dancing to the wind on a chilly Autumn day.  The sound of the crackling fire as He wraps His love around us on a cold December day. 

Everywhere I go I hear His music.  I close my eyes and let Him sing His love song to me.  I am so grateful for the music of Our God.  Where would I be without it?  I could not bear the world if it had no music for music speaks to me in ways that words never will.  A song is the music of the soul. We don't have to be able to sing a note to enjoy God's love song.  It is all around us.  Free for the taking...

Here's a beautiful song of creation from an old favorite of mine, Keith Green.  (Just hit the Youtube link below the picture to hear the song.)  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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