Saturday, September 22, 2012

And Baby Makes 3!

Here's a few things I made recently for the babies in my life!  Who can resist the fun of a baby and all of the little doo-dads that go with them?!  Not me, that's for sure!! 
The arrival of a new little one into the world
is a great opportunity to dig into your imagination
and create something special
just for him or her.
I love handmade gifts!
Worth the time and effort to make something
 unique - one of a kind -
"Not available in stores!"

Tied baby quilt (farms animals print)  Easy to make.
This is what is known as "whole cloth" quilting.
Just buy one piece of fabric for the front,
one piece for the back
and enough binding to go all around.
Sandwich together with batting in between,
tie every 4 or 5 inches with yarn or ribbon of your choice.
Finish with binding all around edges.
Easy Peasey!!

Close-up.  Aren't they cute?!

Just a little closer!!

I used a pink gingham for the backing since it's for a girl,
but, of course, you can choose something blue for a little boy!
Or, go completely crazy and choose purple or something radical -
whatever suits your personality! :)

I made a bunch of these little stuffed baby bears.
They went so fast, I only have four left!
Only about 6 inches tall,
they are made of fleece and
hand sewn with embroidery thread
in buttonhole stitch around the edges.
I love hand-sewing!
Lots of fun!
This was one of my favs.

Different edging.  Running stitch around the edge -
clipped outer edge gives this little guy a
"Raggedy-Ann" look.
The kids loved this edging more than the other!

I had a lot of bears made up for baby boys,
but this is the only one I have left!
I have to make some more.
Never thought the little boys would like them so much!

Had to make one in polka-dots, of course!
I am a polka-dot addict!
Gotta have my dots!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I'm working on at my house.  These are very easy projects for you to try at home!
Happy sewing!!


  1. I love, love, love your Blog!!! Your projects along with instructions are awesome!!! I have always wanted to make a quilt the way you have described above...I even have my fabric!! Now I will have the courage to try!!! Thank you!!!
    Also, the teddy bears are what we would say at my house, "redorable", (meaning more than adorable...which is pretty pretty cute!!!LOL)

  2. Thanks for the affirmation, Terry!! I hope you go ahead and give this a try! You can do it and I think you will love the results! So fun to give a gift you made yourself -especially to a new mom! Have fun! :))