Sunday, October 14, 2012

Every Good and Perfect Gift...

"Comes down from the Father of Lights..."
James 1:17

I am attaching, for your loving prayer support, a little story from Voice of the Martyrs regarding a group of ladies who live far away from our shores in Central Asia.  The short story from VOM tells us that these ladies have received the gift of sewing machines, which, on their own, they could not afford to purchase.  So they prayed and God answered their prayer.  

These women, simply because they are identified as Christians, are denied employment.  The sewing machines give them the chance to support their families through the work of their hands.  They also plan to use their machines (and their talent) to "bless the church" around them with clothing and hand made linens.  What a beautiful use of the gifts God has given them!

Please pray for these ladies, our sisters in Christ, across the sea.  I hope this short story inspires you to seek how God can use you and the simple gifts He has poured into your life.  Do you sew, crochet, paint, write, sing, dance...?  Do not underestimate the value of the gifts He has given you. They reflect the love of the Gift Giver for you - His magnificent creation...


VOM-USA Prayer Update for October 12, 2012

Thank you all for praying for this weeks important prayer
requests. Your prayers really do make a difference. Please print these up and share them with your praying friends.

Central Asia—Sewing Machines Help Make Gospel Outreach Possible
Source: VOM Contacts   James 1:17

Ten Christian women in a Central Asian country received sewing machines that will help them generate an income for their families. “Thank you for your blessing,” wrote one of the sewing machine recipients. “We wanted to buy a good sewing machine for a long time, but we didn’t have funds. It will help us to earn money and to bless other church members.” Nearly all the sewing machine recipients mentioned that they will also use the machines to bless other church members with clothing and linens. These families live in an area where potential employers first ask if job applicants are Christians. If the job applicants say they are, they will not be hired. Each of these families is involved in ministry. The sewing businesses will also allow them to be flexible with their work hours so they have more opportunity for ministry. One mother of four who received a sewing machine wrote, “I will teach my children, and we will serve our church and neighbors with a practical gospel.” Thank you for your part in blessing these women with sewing machines. Praise God for his work in Central Asia.

Used by Permission The Voice of the Martyrs
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Bartlesville, OK 74005

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