Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Colors of the Rainbow...

"I set My rainbow in the cloud..."
Genesis 9:13

I am definitely not a black and white gal!  I LOVE COLOR!  I am so grateful that God does too!  He created a world that is overflowing with extravagant color.  There are endless shades of green and blue, purple, red, orange, even white, to tickle and excite our senses.  I love exploring them all, photographing them, and just plain enjoying the visual feast our God, The Master Artist, sets before us each day!
What a wonderful world He has blessed us with!

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was to color in my coloring books!  Do you remember that?  I always prided myself on staying in the lines!  Today, I am learning to break the rules, color "outside the lines" and let myself explore the possibilities of my creativity.
Sooooo much fun!

 I hope you enjoy the Do It Yourself projects I have posted for you below.  Use the Source Links posted below each picture to go to the website of the originator for the full instructions on how to proceed.

 Whatever you do, have fun!  This is an invitation to the "child within" each of us to "come out and play today!"  Or, invite the children in your home to create something with you.
They might just make you a keepsake you will treasure from their childhood.
There are few things in life sweeter than that...!

Here is a DIY project to creatively re-imagine a favorite photo of your child.
Although you could use a picture of anything you love - a parent, a lover, a favorite flower.
The possibilities are endless!

Easy-Peasey watercolor votive candles for your table!  
DIY of course!

I have become a great fan of Art Journals!
Introduce your children to them with this super easy DIY project!
Encourage the creative spirit in your child and celebrate the natural artist in every child!


Can you tell by now that I love watercolors?!
Oh, yes, I do!  
If you see the world in black and white,
give watercolors a try!  Just play with it!
I think you will love this DIY project for a unique, one of a kind calendar!

Who doesn't love children's art?
Especially your own little artist in the making?
Spontaneous and simple, always unique.
This is an art journal page from a child's book.
Give your child the gift of freedom to explore his creative side.
Who knows - you may have given birth to the next Picasso!

I couldn't resist including a picture of the beautiful watercolor artwork of
Vivian Hersefield.  
Check out her website if you want to see more of her work.


  1. I've never worked with water colors before, only oils and acrylics. Maybe I need to check the waters out. I love some of the things you posted, very creative and fun.

  2. Thanks, Shannon. Your little niece might enjoy doing an art journal with you! These are great ideas from around the web. We have absolutely wonderful resources available out there that were unheard of when I was raising my kids! Hope you have fun and leave a legacy of creativity to your niece! She is watching all you do...! :)