Sunday, September 30, 2012

All You Who Are Weary...

"I will give you rest..."
Matthew 11:28

Whose idea was it again to have a day set aside just to rest?!!!  Oh, yes, now, I remember!  It was the Creator's!  I love that - don't you?!  I love that Jesus speaks to us about being weary and "heavy laden" and invites us to come directly to Him with our tired, worn out, weary selves and He will surely give us rest.  

I am learning to take Him up on His invitation and do just that - nestle up under the covers (winter's coming!) and actually choose to rest.  No guilt allowed!  After all, God has invited us to lay our burdens down - just for a few hours - let it all go - run to Him Who knows the beginning from the end.  Choose to find some ways to rest!

Now that can be pretty tough in a world that is pushing us in every direction.  This blog gives me the freedom to incorporate whatever I choose for the creative "scoop of the day"!  So I have decided to indulge in my passionate affection for lullabies!  

My gift to myself and my readers every Sunday will be to close out the week with a beautiful lullaby or children's poem set to music.  You do not have to have a baby to sing to, in order to enjoy this!  Remember that you are the child wrapped in the father's loving arms.  You are the one He has invited to rest.  You are the one He is singing a love song to.  You are the Apple of the Father's Eye...  This is for you!

Lay every tired thought aside - it will surely be waiting for you tomorrow! Tonight is just for you to rest.  May God bless you "all over the place" in every nook and cranny of your weary little heart!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful music as much as I do!  Goodnight!

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