Monday, September 3, 2012

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

One of my favorite poets of all time - Robert Frost!  I loved this brief but delightful video.  I like that they include children telling their views on poetry!  Do they still teach poetry to children?!  I hope so!  Children instinctively "get it"!  They have poetry in their souls!


  1. What an inviting poem. And, I loved what the kids said at the end. They are so profound, yet simple in how they say things.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the video, Shannon. This is just a snippet from Frost's classic poem, which I love. I love the beauty and simplicity of his poetry. He inspires me! The kids voices are wonderful at the end, I think. They are natural artists, poets, dancers, musicians. They look at eyes with brand new eyes, which is what I think we need to see the world as God intended!! A good poet, writer, artist, brings a completely unique perspective to us! Often, I believe, creativity speaks to the child inside of all of us and calms our souls. I need that and I love it when I find it...!