Friday, August 31, 2012

The Lord of the Dance!

Thank you, Father, for teaching me to dance...
It is a great joy for me to begin another blog dedicated to flat out celebrating creativity! This is sorta like giving birth to a new baby (admittedly, without the pain)!

As I sit at the feet of the Master, I see Him smiling at me and assuring me, it's good to celebrate the Lord with the sound of trumpets! And with the paintbrush, the pen, the sewing machine, the scrapbook, lovingly crafted and bestowed on a loved one. Love comes in many different colors, and I believe, He loves them all!

I see Him in the creative fits He has daily! In the gorgeous sunsets He paints to close each day; the sparkling colors of the rainbow He splashes across the sky at the end of a rainy, summer day; the trembling beauty of a mother and father overcome by the miracle of birth! Shhhh!  Draw close on tiptoe -  The Creator of the Universe is in the room...

Something about creativity that makes me want to dance!  I think the God of all Creation smiles broader and leans in a little closer when He sees us worshiping Him in our creativity. It reminds Him of Himself!  We look a little more like Him when we allow creativity to cover us!  What daddy doesn't love it when someone says "She looks a lot like YOU!"

I think of David dancing with irrepressible  joy, in love with the God Who blessed Him beyond his wildest imagination.  I see Mary busting the alabaster jar wide open and pouring out the priceless ointment all over the God she had come to adore.  I see Peter insanely jumping out of the boat to walk to Jesus.  On water!!  These were just outrageously creative expressions of love! They were crazy in love with their Creator and nothing could stop them from showing it!

I want to be like that!  When I am creating, I forget where I am.  I feel the joy of the Lord cracking open my heart to let there be room for more!  I feel the pleasure of my God.  Is there anything better?! 

I have named this blog, "Dance All Over God's Heaven" because I hear Him calling me to do just that!  Do you think He grows weary of worship that is offered out of a sense of "duty", ritualistic and dead?  I know I would.  I believe He made us to shout out His praises from the rooftops!  To burst at the seams at the wonder of a God Who loves us!  We are made for celebration!  

It is breathtaking to consider that God loves us.  He loves me.  He loves you.  The Almighty, Everlasting God, Creator of the Universe, loves us.  If that's not reason for dancing, I don't know what is!

May the Lord of the Dance splash His joy all over you today! Go ahead - dance! Nobody's watching... :)


  1. You have struck a chord with the heartstrings of my heart. Many, many times God has relayed important truths about Himself and others through the analogy of creativity, since that is a huge part of me. And, it makes me feel like I have a part of Him in me, just like you said. This is going to be a great blog. :)

  2. Thanks, Shannon! I see the fire of creativity that God has instilled in you! They reflect the beauty of our Creative God! I hope you NEVER stop growing in the arts, wherever God leads you. He so deserves to be a witness to the growth of the beauty and mystery that He has entrusted to you. I hope this blog will be an encouragement and a platform for anyone who loves to create!!